The Smartmile Open Doors initiative

Imagine having the power to turn your deliveries into something sustainable, would you make it happen?
In the Open Doors initiative we dedicate compartment doors to sustainability. Failed deliveries are one of the main drivers
for CO2 emission in the last-mile. If we want delivery to turn greener we should change that.
We launched the initiative
to raise awareness for the possibility of green delivery, and make our world just that bit greener.
Our aim is to work until delivery protects Mama Earth.

Planting trees is only a means to compensate for footprint, we’d rather inspire our customers and partners
to think with us about how to eliminate the footprint all together. We plant the trees and work to minimize failed deliveries,
but may we suggest you visit our machines by bike? Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it?

Terrific Trees

Open Doors to reforestation

We launched the Open Doors initiative in the Netherlands in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects. Every Smartmile Hub in the Netherlands includes one uniques door. We track every parcel passing through this door, whether that is a shipment, return or pick-up. Per transaction, the tree counter goes up and the Smartmile forest grows.


Reaching CO2 negativity with Lidl in Almere #OpenDoors

Offsetting 845 kg CO2 extra every month!

For this unique CO2 neutral location in Almere we want to expand the Open Doors initiative dedicating every single compartment to reforestation. Feast your eyes on this limited edition green branding for the machine that shows our joined dedication to sustainability. Working with Lidl in their sustainability goals puts us one step closer to realizing our mission. 

What does this equal per month?
824 parcels transformed to trees
102,788 phones charged
3418,247 km in a standard vehicle

Green Friday to launch #OpenDoors

To kick-off #OpenDoors we turned Black Friday green.
By entering into a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects,
we dedicated all compartments of seven Dutch delivery machines to reforestation,
marking the start to our long-term sustainable initiative.