The Smartmile Open Doors initiative

Imagine having the power to turn your deliveries into something sustainable, would you make it happen? In the Open Doors initiative we dedicate compartment doors to sustainability. We launched the initiative to raise awareness for the possibility of green delivery, and make our world just that bit greener. Our aim is to work until delivery protects Mama Earth.

1st Open Doors to reforestation

We launched the Open Doors initiative in the Netherlands in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects. Every Smartmile Hub in the Netherlands includes one uniques door. We track every parcel passing through this door, whether that is a shipment, return or pick-up. Per transaction, the tree counter goes up and the Smartmile forest grows.

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Awesome Trees

Green Friday as the launch of #OpenDoors

To kick-off #OpenDoors we turned Black Friday green. By entering into a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we dedicated all compartments of seven Dutch delivery machines to reforestation, marking the start to our long-term sustainable initiative.