We Stand
For Peace.

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Do you live in Amsterdam or The Hague? Then we need you.

With the war going on at full force, those supporting refugees need donations more than ever, but it is important they get the right products fast. 

We partnered up with StoreShippers, Emergency Appeal, and The Polish Library to make sure we collect the right products and make donating easy for you. 

All you need to do is follow these simple steps.


Check what products are needed at the bottom of this webpage!


We update the list of necessary products daily based on direct connections in Poland.


Pack the products and write on the package what you put inside


Visit one of our locations with a ‘We Stand For Peace’ compartment

The Hague: Lidl De Stede, Lidl Waldeck

Amsterdam: Lidl August Allebéplein, Lidl Bijlmerplein, Lidl Delflandplein



Follow the steps on the instruction sticker next to the ‘We Stand For Peace.’ sticker to get the pick up code you need to open the donation door


Hit ‘Pick up’ on the screen and enter the pick up code to open the donation door. Place your package inside and close the door


The donation compartment can be used multiple times per day. So don’t worry if there are already a few packages inside!

What happens with your donations after the Smartmile Hub?

We work with StoreShippers’ sustainable delivery network to ship your donations to our collection partners

We work with local collection partners: The Polish Library in Amsterdam and Emergency Appeal in The Hague 

StoreShippers delivers all donations to our local collection partners at an agreed upon time

The Polish Library and Emergency Appeal have direct connections in Poland to get the donations to the people in need

One set donation moment and multiple automated Smartmile collection points helps partners to receive more donations without a logistical nightmare

With you, we make the donation process as easy as possible for our partners so they can get the right products to the refugees in Poland

What does The Polish Library do?

The Polish Library has two initiatives that require donations. First of all, they work together with Fast Lane Ukraine to arrange direct delivery of donations to local help organisations in Poland and Ukraine. This is also how they know exactly what products are needed.

Besides that, they opened a free store in Amsterdam specifically to help refugees in the Netherlands get the products they need.  Think clothes, makeup and hygiene products, backpacks, school supplies, and more. 

Let’s help this awesome local initiative to get even more donations faster!


What does Emergency Appeal do?

Emergency Appeal is a European organisation that works with local NGOs, national government, and national police in Polen and Ukraine to get the right products to the people in need. The list of needed products we get from them derives directly from official requests from these NGOs and local hospitals. 

The organisation has their trucks for transport and combines this with diplomatic transport in collaboration with the Ukrainian and Poland governments. Besides transporting needed products, they also arrange for transportation of refugees from Poland and Ukraine to the Netherlands.

What to donate where


The most important products in Amsterdam today are Shelf-stable foods and baby products!

The Hague

The most important products in The Hague today are baby products!

Which exact Smartmile Hubs can I visit?


The Hague