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“DHL takes over the 85 parcel machines from Smartmile in the Netherlands.” 

– & Duurzaam ondernemen

This title is shown in a recent press release, telling the story of our partnership with DHL. Of course, some questions are left unanswered, so let’s dive deep into the current situation and analyse why we’re taking on this partnership and why this is the right decision.

To start this off, let’s start with the base. Smartmile. 

  1. Who or what is Smartmile?
  2. DHL and Smartmile
  3. What will the future bring?

1. Who or what is Smartmile?

Since you are on our website, there is a chance that you know Smartmile a little. We’re a start-up aiming to revolutionise the delivery industry by optimising the current infrastructure.

Smartmile is a software company focusing on optimising the delivery industry. By empowering parcel machines with our smart software and building new parcel machines in areas that still need them, we are creating innovative infrastructures to support the current delivery infrastructures. This way, we can upgrade the existing use of parcel machines and, when necessary, place our smart parcel machines, our hardware, to fill the gaps.

By doing so, the infrastructure can integrate flawlessly into the last-mile delivery process. Not only will this reduce the number of human resources, but it will also reduce the amount of unnecessary driven kilometres. Less CO2 and a more sustainable process overall. 

But more factors are involved because delivery in a parcel machine is not yet at its destination. That’s why our software is optimised to cooperate with any other system. 

To explain more clearly, an example of a perfect world that we hope to bring you in the next five years.

You ordered your new favourite snuggie online, the perfect lazy item for which you had no intention to make any effort of getting it yourself from a store or other inconvenient place. It gets delivered by an electric car to the parcel machine, and you get the notification on your phone. 

Your snuggy is close by, ready to be picked up. 

Then you see the option to deliver it home with one click in the app. Immediately behind the scenes, our software connects your request to our partner, the local bike couriers start-up. Select your preferred delivery time, the doorbell rings, your friendly neighbourhood biker hands you the delivery, and you’re ready to slouch on the couch with your favourite show. 

And best of all, no unnecessary CO2 has to be produced. 

So Smartmile is a software company with smart software and hardware and aims to build optimised ecosystems for every participant in this process.

2. DHL and Smartmile

But what is our connection to DHL? Well, DHL has been a significant partner of Smartmile since the beginning in the Netherlands. 

Let’s start from the beginning; Smartmile entered the Dutch market about three years ago, ready to revolutionise the industry. By offering an open and shared network, we hoped to also make our impact here. 

But the Dutch market is very different from the Finnish market, the market where the Smartmile journey started because it’s dominated by two major players. PostNL and DHL are the two biggest players in the Dutch market, making it necessary to collaborate to realise our mission. There is little equal division in a closed market like the Dutch one. Without this division, integrating a network that aims to connect many different players is impossible to create without working together with one of these big players.

Since the market dynamics are not favourable for an open and shared network, integrating all smaller players would take too long. This would cost us a lot of money, time and especially human resources that are much more needed elsewhere.

So considering the current factors, Smartmile needed to be flexible with a new model. One that allowed us to cooperate with a big player like DHL. After careful consideration and many conversations, we found a suitable model that will enable us to work with DHL. Handing over our machines in the Netherlands, supported with a license for our smart software. 

Next, we’ll provide the second level customer support and all the necessary consultancy by our fantastic tech and operations herd.

This collaboration allows us to continue our mission and empower one of the most prominent players in the Dutch market with all the awesome features of our smart lockers. This way, they can continue optimisation and build the ecosystems themselves to continue the Smartmile mission.

In the meantime, we can focus our resources on more suitable markets, like the German market, to show how to build a successful ecosystem. 

3. What will the future bring?

Since we’re an international company focused on building these ecosystems around the globe, one delivery at a time, we’ve expanded to several countries.

We’ve got offices in Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Kenya, filled with a team of passionate entrepreneurs with different backgrounds.

To continue our mission means that we’ll be integrating the Smartmile product into more and more markets around the world. Connecting partners, start-ups, consumers and other great companies together

One of our next steps is to enter the German market. Here we’re already talking about possible cities to start up, different companies to work with, and durable partnerships. The German market is very suitable for our open and shared network due to many different companies and initiatives. 

For future content, you can follow our social media channels to stay updated with our developments. Topics that will be coming back in the upcoming time are our future plans, our amazing herd and some in-depth information about our magical software. Stay tuned!

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