Inspiring women in tech

Recently Mark, Martha, and RK, our tech wonders, visited the Action Foundation. This foundation works with women and girls of all ages with physical disabilities. About 30 ladies, ranging from 17 to a woman in their 50’s, participated.
The foundation works with different programs to train and mentor women so that they get the chance to find a suitable job or develop new skills. By focusing this event on tech, we wanted to give the ladies a glimpse into their potential future of tech.

The foundation invited our tech wonders to give a talk about working in tech, providing the woman from the foundation a peak into the personal experiences of Martha and RK. The whole day was themed around working in tech and especially in tech as a woman. During the seminar, Martha noticed how motivated and responsive all the ladies were; they kept asking questions and were more than ready to absorb every single word.

“For me, the most memorable event moment was that all the ladies and girls were super responsive and motivated.
They wanted to learn as many new things as I could tell them and would love to have a career in tech.
The only issue is that they simply lack the resources and exposure but have a strong desire to learn. “

Martha, Senior Software Administrator at Smartmile

Looking towards the future

After wrapping up the seminar, the moment to hand over the desktops arrived. See, our team wanted to give something concrete to help these women. Besides these desktops, the team brought office supplies, and some sweets. Even though this is of course not enough to get all these women the needed resources to kickstart their journey in tech. Yet, we hope it will give them at least the basis to practice and try.

Worldwide our team is thrilled to see the collaboration come alive; looking toward the future, we’re hoping to cross paths again to encourage and inspire these bad ass women in Kenya even more.

“The event was amazing, refreshing, and enlightening! Experiencing the overall joy and inspiration that flowed through the event. The Foundation members hosting us expressed gratitude for the donations, and the additional encouragement and inspiration received.” 

RK, Senior Software Developer at Smartmile

The Action Foundation

The Action Foundation (TAF) is a community-driven organization registered in Kenya that is working to end exclusion, discrimination, and violence towards children, women, and girls with disabilities in marginalized communities.