Meet the most flexible parcel locker software worldwide

To eliminate the industry’s environmental footprint, we have to empower experimentation. Select any (combination of) locker provider, integrate any courier, e-commerce or retail system, and request new flows low-to-no code. 

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Serverless Architecture

Serverless applications for seamless scaling, ensuring less management work and enables multi regional services


Separate datastores for each tenant enables easier handling of data privacy and fast scalability

Smartmile Hub hardware abstraction

Every manufacturer has the same base linux installation and it comes with Smartmile proprietary hardware abstraction layer, running exactly the same user interface on all hubs

Smartmile Hub auto provisioning

After entering a simple activation code, Smartmile APTs can configure themselves and start a fully automated setup process

New integrations in seconds

With a graphical integrations designer, new partners and even complex systems can be connected with the ease of a couple of clicks

Innovation in delivery:
Same second pick up?!

Through our Smartmile Hubs, leading Finnish communication company Elisa offers customers instant order pick-up. Products are pre-stored to allow customers who order the newest smartphones to receive them within seconds. 

Innovation in delivery:
DroppX micro-hubs

Together with DroppX we developed a winter-proof solution in the Helsinki area turning part of our APMs into micro-hubs. Customers can submit a request to DroppX to collect and return orders for them. These shipments are collected in the DroppX-dedicated  compartments. 


Innovation in delivery:
#WeOpenToChange- transform parcels into trees

Imagine having superpowers that allow you to plant a tree every time you choose delivery through a Smartmile delivery machine… Would you use your powers or let them go to waste?

Through our Dutch delivery machines you get tree-growing powers. For every parcel you pick up, return or send via one of the special #We OpenToChange doors dedicated to reforestation, we donate a tree to Eden Reforestation Projects.