Turning delivery into an ecosystem

with a neutral player at the core

We are on a mission to change delivery globally.
Even if all players in delivery act sustainably, there is still a neutral link needed to align stakeholder, make it easy for them to collaborate, and eliminate delivery’s environmental footprint as one. 

We are that missing link that balances the delivery ecosystem. 


We build an ecosystem connecting all kinds of parcel lockers and more with technology that links any stakeholder. Our partner tools empowers connected players to design services together. Our goal is, to be the neutral connecting platform for stakeholders to change the last mile through.

If delivery remains the same the planet will not. It's simple

So we set out to re-build delivery in three steps

1. Building ecosystems of parcel lockers to get deliveries from any courier shipped to central locations

With our software, we can connect every courier in the city to our parcel lockers aka Smartmile Hubs. At one hub you can pick up, return, and ship parcels from any courier. The alternative would be to drive around to different pick-up points across the city or for couriers to drive to individual houses. By connecting both courier and customer both could drive a lot less. In the end, we want to see less traffic in city centres, minimised stops and trips, and no more CO2.

You can find our hubs at convenient locations like supermarkets. You can combine trips to minimise your footprint even more. But connecting couriers is only the first step… And that is not the whole ecosystem we envision…

We open our hubs to local couriers too so we can start...

2. Shaping CO2 free delivery from consumer to warehouse with one connecting software

Imagine if all our courier partners would deliver to the Hubs with CO2 free vehicles. Secondly, connecting local bike couriers to the same ecosystem and inviting customers to request a pick up or return per bike. To Build these kind of services with multiple players you need one software that can talk to all systems. 

We build an ecosystem of lockers powered by a software that can talk to all. We make delivery more convenient an innovative for anyone in the supply chain. 

Less money, time, and footprint. 

Last step, we push our lockers beyond parcel exchange.

3. Connecting retailers, impact initiatives, and startups for collaborative low-code to no-code service design

Being part of our ecosystem means being connected. Our ecosystem realises a direct  link between retailer customer, sustainable delivery services, and impact causes. Together they could set up compartments to exchanging reusable packaging, rental equipment, or repaired phones. they could collect circular products or build a new purpose for returns. 

These types of solutions are generally complex and expensive to develop, besides that they cannot be developed alone. We made Smartmile partner platforms a part of our software to make feature development simple and affordable. All the hard parts are already taken care of by us. All that’s left is getting creative.

We build with players like DHL, Matkahuolto, and Lidl

Growing our infrastructure fast by combining our software with strong expertise in location permits and more.

Smartmile Enabled Hubs
Deliveries Done
Partner integrations
A Smartmile Empowered hub offers

Benefits for all
in delivery

We are the only truly independent player in the market.


Can get all their parcels from any courier or store delivered, sent, and returned from the same location. Plus limitless other services. Live that easy life.


Generate more in-store traffic and rock their customers’ world by offering unique delivery services such as Click-and-Collect.


Can save time, money and CO2. They simply  integrate into our platform and enjoy efficient and sustainable delivery.


Have reduced pollution and congestion due to delivery optimization, can offer awesome services to their inhabitants, and help attain those global climate targets!

Sustainability delivered at our core

We take delivery beyond the exchange of parcels and set sustainability as our goal by expanding our machines’ potential to develop sustainable services. Think retailer-to-consumer delivery, collecting reusable packaging through our machines, minimizing failed deliveries, and offering combined order storage; and that’s just the start.
If we want to change the industry, we have to rethink what delivery could be and take our partners along for the ride.
As one of our first sustainable innovations, we launched our #WeOpenToChange initiative in the Netherlands, dedicating several of our compartments to impact causes starting with reforestation.

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