Opening doors to a sustainable

world, one delivery at a time

We are on a mission to change delivery globally.
Even if all players in delivery act sustainably, there is still a missing link needed to align stakeholder efforts and eliminate delivery’s environmental footprint. To sustainably optimize the industry as a whole, a solution is needed to connect consumer, courier, retailer, and city. Perhaps even make it CO2 negative in the process…
We are that missing link that balances the delivery ecosystem. And that’s what makes us unique!

The one truly independent platform for delivery

Open to all couriers, consumers, and retailers

A Smartmile Enabled parcel machine centralises delivery. Customers can pick up, return, and send parcels from any courier in one trip. No need to  drive to multiple locations. Couriers can deliver and pick up parcels from an entire neighbourhood in one stop. We select frequently visited location which allows users to combine chores. In short, we inspire minimal km driven per parcel. Our automated service gives consumers control, and allows retailers and couriers to design sustainable services. It is a remotely controlled delivery location used to receive, return, and ship products to consumers.

We take global delivery beyond hardware

Making Last-Mile delivery sustainable through Smartmile Building Blocks

First, we build a network of Smartmile hubs in a matter of weeks. Once established, our software turns these delivery networks into innovation platforms. We call this process:  Smartmile Enabled.

An innovation platform inspires creators from all industries to bring their sustainable ideas to life through our Smartmile Building Blocks, a combination of our cloud-based platform, ready-made standard software, fast integrations and the physical network of Smartmile Hubs – all controlled via a single API. With these blocks, we redefine what delivery means and hand you the tools to customize services to fit consumer needs.

Global Delivery Platform

Our platform is growing fast in collaboration with major players like DHL, Matkahuolto, and Lidl, among others.

Smartmile Enabled Hubs
Deliveries Done
A Smartmile Enabled hub offers

Benefits for all
in delivery

We are the only truly independent player in the market.


Can get all their parcels from any courier or store delivered, sent, and returned from the same location. Live that easy life.


Generate more in-store traffic and rock their customers’ world by offering unique delivery services such as Click-and-Collect.


No need to invest in their own hardware. They simply  integrate into our platform and enjoy efficient and sustainable delivery.


Have reduced pollution and congestion due to delivery optimization, can offer awesome services to their inhabitants, and help attain those global climate targets!

Sustainability at our core

We take delivery beyond the exchange of parcels and set sustainability as our goal by expanding our machines’ potential to develop sustainable services. Think retailer-to-consumer delivery, collecting reusable packaging through our machines, minimizing failed deliveries, and offering combined order storage; and that’s just the start.
If we want to change the industry, we have to rethink what delivery could be and take our partners along for the ride.
As one of our first sustainable innovations, we launched our #OpenDoors initiative in the Netherlands, dedicating several of our compartments to reforestation.

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