Our impact initiatives

At Smartmile, we dedicate our business to making a sustainable difference in delivery. But we believe sustainability encompasses 
more than the environment alone. Being truly sustainable to us means caring for the planet and the people living on it.
It means treating each other with respect, speaking up when injustice happens, and putting those beliefs straight to practice.
We cannot be silent. 
It is because of this belief that our team initiated collaborations with multiple partners either dedicated to social
or environmental impact.

Check out our initiatives below and let us know 
if you have awesome suggestions  for our next collaboration.

The Action Foundation

Our herd in Kenya partnered with the Action Foundation to support and mentor aspiring women in tech and to donate desktops and more. 

We Stand For Peace

Together with StoreShippers, we dedicate one compartment per machine in Amsterdam and Den Haag to let customers donate products to Ukraine.

Open Doors

We dedicate doors to making a difference. With our first partner Eden Reforestation Project, we open doors to a world full of beautiful trees!