About us

We started internationally, with a trio of experienced entrepreneurs from Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. Diversity is at the heart of our company culture. Today, our herd includes awesome entrepreneurs, engineers, creative minds and startup enthusiasts ready to revolutionize delivery and make it truly sustainable. We are spread across five countries and two continents… and this is just the beginning.

We exist to open doors to a sustainable world,
one delivery at a time

Building the largest open and shared delivery infrastructure by 2026 with over 30,000 Smartmile enabled machines worldwide

Our Core Values

We hold our values close and our entire team reflects this. We all share the same awesome values and rock them daily. Discover them here.

We are entrepreneurs

Passionate and committed, we are building something awesome, something bold and new. We seek challenges, take initiative and are accountable for each step we take on our journey.

We are a startup at heart

Challenging the status quo is in our DNA. We will always innovate, question and try, and we are not afraid to fail. We never compromise on team, service or product.

We are travelers

Adventurous and not afraid, we wander on new paths. We are respectful to the people we encounter on that journey and welcome them with an open mind. Curious, we are always seeking the path less traveled and embrace challenges on our way. As travelers, we love and respect the nature and leave as little footprint as possible.

We are a herd of unicorns

we support, accept and respect all members of our herd as they are and embrace their uniqueness. We are humble yet ambitious, determined yet open and together we stay true to our values.

We follow the Smartmile Sustainability Roadmap

Our team of unicorns designed a sustainability roadmap to follow as we grow. Open Doors is a part of that. This map encompasses everything from the coffee mugs we use, to the partners we work with. In the end, being sustainable means making conscious choices every day and being fully aware of the environmental repercussions of our actions.

Transforming delivery is what we do, integrating sustainability into every step along the way is who we are. 

Ready for the ride?

Are you ready to join a herd of awesome, funny, professional and creative unicorns? Check out our openings, buckle up for an awesome ride and let’s find a perfect fit for you.