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Connecting delivery
in one CO2 negative ecosystem worldwide

Invest in an impact-driven company with a scalable mindset

For maximizing machine utilization and profitability, we can integrate any courier and retailer.  Moreover, our software is hardware-independent, allowing us to source hardware from trusted providers, which removes lost opportunities due to hardware limitations. We designed a solution so flexible, that it transforms existing networks and lets us build our own. By connecting the two, we accelerate our growth.

Most of all, we align all stakeholder efforts on the common goal to make delivery carbon negative.


Sustainability focused


Internationally scalable

Home Delivery

  • Not enough drivers to keep up with the demand
  • Couriers deliver to the same address; congesting streets
  • Customers are stuck at home waiting; no control over their delivery
  • Deliveries often fail resulting in second attempts, higher emission, and customer dissatisfaction
  • Positive ROI for couriers, but many couriers visit the same address increasing emissions

Smartmile Empowered

Open delivery platform
  • Adding new locations easily
  • Customers receive parcels from all couriers from one location, even in one go!
  • Delivery is centralized which makes it more efficient than home delivery
  • Flexible capacity management for couriers with proven positive ROI
  • More efficient for couriers compared to Home Delivery - deliver many parcels at once
  • Inspires sustainable delivery globally

Closed Delivery Platform

  • Monopolized by one courier
  • Customers have to visit many places to get their orders
  • Big capital investment for courier
  • Less potential for sustainable delivery
  • More efficient for couriers compared to Home Delivery - deliver many parcels at once


It takes only two talented local team members to set-up our operations in a new country with the support of our core Smartmile team. On average, machine installations take about four hours in collaboration with service partners. Also, new partner integrations are managed within 1-2 days from our side. From the installation date, most of our delivery machines reach profitability within a couple weeks.

We proved our scalability by launching in the Netherlands in just six weeks, and we believe that actions speak louder than words.

Meet the founders

Our story starts in 2016 as our founders crossed paths looking for a solution for the unsustainable process of delivery. Today, Smartmile operates in three countries (Finland, Netherlands and Germany) and employs an international team across four countries. 


Aku Happo


20+yrs, ex-Posti

Built the first parcel machine  network in Finland.


Frank van Os


25+yrs, ex-PostNL

Built European eCommerce delivery network


Steffen Luippold


20+yrs, own IT-company

Founded his first IT company at 16, entrepreneur ever since

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Contact Frank van Os (Phone: +31683969766; Email: frank@smartmile.eu)

Contact Aku Happo (Phone: +358405627065; Email: aku@smartmile.eu)