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At Smartmile
we have a dream.
To built the most valuable and impactful delivery ecosystem worldwide

 We expanded our software capability to connect couriers, retailers, sustainable startups, and more to our parcel lockers. The result: an ecosystem of connected partners that can re-design the last mile and eliminate its footprint. To connect all partners to our parcel lockers, we made a flexible software platform able to talk to any type of system regardless of (coding) language, age, or build-up.

 With a Smartmile-empowered ecosystem, you can pick up, return or send parcels with any couriers at one parcel locker.

Even realise home delivery and parcel return through connected bike couriers. Retailers can run their product exchange or automated click-and-collect — All at one parcel machine. Our solution pushes the industry to re-design future-proof delivery with minimal trips and no more failed deliveries.

Flash forward five years, with Smartmile at the core, we can build one limitless CO2-negative delivery ecosystem worldwide. 

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We scope the globe for dreamers like us

Investment is the start of a relationship built on mutual trust, transparency, partnership, and vision.

Our perfect partners describe themselves as...


You want to make delivery an asset to mama earth because you understand that it is up to us to make change happen.


You are proud to be different and ready to change the status quo.


The Smartmile colours represent diversity, entrepreneurship, curiosity, and courage, do our colours match?


Making a system change in delivery is a huge challenge, but luckily you do not
give up.

We have two main options for investors

Growth funding

As our growth funder you want to see Smartmile scale and you
become a long-term partner on that journey.
  • You could become a direct share holder
  • You grow with our company across the globe
  • You would be part of an incredible international team

Asset financing

As our asset financing partner you like to own a tangible asset
that has a direct impact on the environment.
  • Quick continuous return as of the asset installation
  • We designed our financing options to be as low-risk as possible
  • Your investment will be a tangible part of our ecosystems
Wanna talk without reviewing the pitch? Hit reach out and let us know whether you are interested in growth funding, asset financing, or simply a chat in case you cannot choose just yet.
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Meet the team that you invest into

We are incredibly lucky to have a team filled with international talent.

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Meet the founders

Our founders crossed paths in 2016. Between the two of them, you’ve got the establishment of the very first parcel locker network in Finland, over 20 years of experience in the industry, and 20 years of entrepreneurship. And that’s just at the top level of our herd. 

Aku Happo

20+yrs, ex-Posti

Built the first parcel machine 
network in Finland.

Steffen Luippold

20+yrs, own IT-company

Founded multiple successful companies, 
the first at 16

A sneak peek of our 2022 targets


Optimize Finnish network
Prepare German market entry


Plant 30K trees by the end of 2022
Launch two impact partnerships


New UI launched internationally
ISO 27001 certification
Launch our scalable backend

"Can't get enough of Smartmile, don't worry we get it"

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