Smartmile press release shifting focus to software solutions: selling physical locker network in Finland

Helsinki, 20/12/2023 — Smartmile, a key player in the agnostic locker industry since 2016, has agreed to sell its Finnish parcel locker network to long-standing partner Matkahuolto. The company will resume the role of a long-term software provider. Completing the sale of its locker networks in the Netherlands and Finland aligns with the company’s core strengths in agnostic locker software and operational expertise. The deal marks a strategic transition for Smartmile from owning physical locker networks to providing global software solutions in logistics and retail.

Agnostic expertise since 2016:

Founded in 2016, Smarmile has been actively developing agnostic locker- and retail solutions. Over the years, the company has refined its focus on two key competencies: the development of 

agnostic locker software  and operational expertise in the last-mile delivery sector.

Initiating the software transition in 2022:

In 2022, Smartmile initiated a strategic shift by selling its locker network in the Netherlands to DHL eCommerce (formerly DHL parcel), transitioning to a software and service provider role. This move served as a proof of concept in concentrating efforts on software solutions and operational services.

2023 Repositioning:

Building on the 2022 transition, Smartmile has agreed to divest its physical locker network and business in Finland. This strategic decision positions the company as a global software and service provider for agnostic locker solutions in logistics and retail. In 2023, to validate software success, Smartmile’s software was audited by the Last Mile Experts and received praise for its unmet level of interfaceability, easy integration, and scalable architecture.

Long-term software agreement:

As part of the agreed divestment, Smarmile has entered into a long-term software licensing agreement with the new network owner, Matkahuolto, in Finland. 

“With this acquisition, Matkahuolto will strengthen its position as the leading parcel delivery operator with the best customer experience in Finland. The acquisition will support Matkahuolto’s ambitious plan to grow. We aim to expand the network and increase capacity, especially in areas where there is a great need for lockers.,” says Kati Nevalainen, Director of Parcel Services at Matkahuolto.

CEO statement:

Aku Happo, CEO of Smartmile, remarked, “The decision to sell our physical locker networks is a strategic move in line with our core competencies. As we continue providing our software to Matkahuolto in Finland and DHL eCommerce in the Netherlands, our focus for the coming years is expanding our customer portfolio as a software and service provider for locker services globally.”

Future Focus for 2024 onward:

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Smartmile aims to consolidate its position as a global software and service provider for locker solutions. The company’s focus remains on delivering reliable and innovative software solutions to meet the evolving needs of the last-mile delivery industry.

Media contact:

For media inquiries, please contact:

Michelle van Weverwijk

Head of International Marketing and Brand

About Smartmile:

Smartmile, founded in 2016, is a technology company specializing in agnostic locker solutions. With a focus on software and operational expertise, the company offers software licensing and expert operational services. The software has the flexibility to integrate any couriers, retailers, e-commerce platforms, hardware manufacturers, and impact systems. Currently, Smartmile is providing its software and service to market leaders in the Netherlands and Finland. Smartmile has 18 courier/retail integrations, 12 hardware manufacturers and 14 models integrated with ~5 Million products exchanged succesfully globally.  For more information: 


About Matkahuolto

Matkahuolto is a modern service company that has been bringing people and goods together seamlessly for 90 years. Our business is divided into two areas: Parcel Services and Travel Services. Every year, we deliver 20 million parcels in Finland and abroad, and our comprehensive network comprises 2,300 service points. At the heart of our Travel Services are sustainable mobility services, timetables and tickets, with 8 million sold every year. For transport operators, we provide digital tools for business development. Matkahuolto is committed to science-based climate targets, and we aim to half all our emissions and become carbon neutral by 2030. In 2022, our turnover was EUR 96.6 million. 


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