Building ecosystem-inspired software solutions for the last mile

locker with ecosystem-inspired software solutions

In a rapidly evolving world, e-commerce has changed how we shop, bringing convenience to our fingertips. Yet, with this rapid growth comes the last-mile delivery challenge. Caught between many delivery stakeholders and the need for environmental responsibility, the agnostic parcel locker system made it to market. The software behind these lockers overcomes carrier boundaries and […]

The Power of Agnostic Parcel Lockers and Smart Software

Agnostic parcel locker in Finland powered by Smartmile software

E-commerce has experienced insane growth, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Yet, with the boost in e-commerce comes the challenge of handling a truckload of packages. As a result, the traditional last-mile delivery system, involving delivery vans and couriers, has been strained to its limits. In major European cities, congested traffic, parking […]

The story of the NL model and DHL parcel.

“DHL takes over the 85 parcel machines from Smartmile in the Netherlands.”  – & Duurzaam ondernemen You might have seen this title cross your screen in our newest press release. This release tells the tale of our renewed partnership with DHL Parcel. Of course, there might be some (or lots) of questions on […]